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New manufacturing facility bringing 2000 jobs to Ga.

29 Apr DidNorth Korea close cross

Today, South Korea pulled its remaining workers out of the shuttered Kaesong Industrial complex, manufacturing facilities jointly operated by South Korea and North Korea. As economic diplomacy, they symbolized …

Healthcare, manufacturing, defense and agriculture drive Talbot County economy

The county’s manufacturing base and defense contractors also generate economic stability for the community, she said. Employers like Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Celeste Industries, Aphena Pharma Solutions, Sotera Defense Systems and WhiteOak Group all …

New manufacturing facility bringing 2000 jobs to Ga.

… Trubey and Greg Bluestein. The jobs announcement would be larger than the hailed Baxter International bio-tech manufacturing campus planned for Social Circle (1,500 direct jobs) and Caterpillar’s tractor manufacturing site in Athens (1,400 direct …


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25 Apr

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